The .EARTH new gTLD

Interlink Co., Ltd. (Interlink) envisions that the “.earth” top-level domain (TLD) will become a symbol of worldwide unity on the Internet. “.earth” will add to the diversity of available namespaces on the Internet as well as provide a viable alternative to newly proposed gTLDs thereby creating an opportunity for Internet users to register new memorable domain names with which they can use to create thriving business models and innovative online brands, and show their support to build a better home for all of Earth’s inhabitants. By registering a second-level domain in the “.earth” TLD, registrants will agree to do their part in protecting the planet, environmentally and socially, by doing away with all forms of harmful actions to Earth and its inhabitants. All registrants effectively become ambassadors to the “.earth” community.

The concept of creating the “.earth” TLD is much larger than environmental relationships, or philanthropic ideals; it’s all about connecting and establishing cooperative relationships between like-minded individuals who wish to show their support for making the planet a better place. Interlink anticipates that domains under “.earth” will focus on a wide range of issues; for example, while some users will register domains associated with the preservation of wildlife, others may register names that deal with societal relationships including international and racial conflicts, and other users may use “.earth” to publicize their mission to raise support and awareness for serious illnesses. As part of the registration process, all registrants will agree to and pledge to do away with any and all hostile actions that harm earth and its inhabitants. The registration of an “.earth” name will require users to fully acknowledge equality, tolerance, and fairness among all people.

The following three points can summarize the overall purpose and existence of “.earth”:
  1. Creation of a Namespace for Like-Minded People Everywhere
  2. Contribute to Worthy Causes
  3. Operate a Safe, Stable, and Secure TLD

Creation of a Namespace for Like-Minded People Everywhere

There are thousands of businesses, organizations, community groups, etc., that are focused on activities to protect the environment, preserve Earth, protect wildlife, and improve life on Earth. There are millions of individuals who share the same passion for supporting similar causes.

The establishment and promotion of the “.earth” TLD domain will create a unified space on the Internet where like-minded individuals can easily identify causes of interest to support and engage in. The “.earth” TLD has the potential to spark innovation and creativity among organizations, businesses, and individuals. As the TLD grows in registration “.earth” will become a powerful tool in creating a worldwide movement to enhance our existence.

Individuals and businesses that take part of activities that “.earth” intends to support are very enthusiastic about what they do. Interlink’s mission in managing “.earth” is to create an online community that serves as a platform for Internet users who view themselves as part of what “.earth” embodies. The introduction of the “.earth” top-level domain will bring about new and exciting choices for consumers when selecting a domain name to show their support for various causes and initiatives.

Contribute to Worthy Causes

Interlink will use a portion of the proceeds from “.earth” to support worthy causes around the world beginning after registry startup costs have been recovered. Interlink is committed to the following:
  • Placing a selected percentage of all revenues a fund to assist relief efforts for natural disasters
  • Utilize revenues to help promote the growth of the Internet in developing countries.
  • Utilize revenues to promote and support select public (non-political) initiatives
Interlink envisions a tight-knit community to be formed in the “.earth” TLD and will proactively seek input from users on particular donations and projects.

Operate a Safe, Stable, and Secure TLD

It is essential that the “.earth” TLD be run in the most stable fashion to ensure trust among the registrants who chose to be part of the community. The registry will be responsible for creating an environment where users can trust the registry and affiliated registrars. Interlink is fully aware of the firm financial commitments needed to ensure that the TLD is properly managed from a technical perspective to ensure there are no negative effects on the stability and security of the Internet. Furthermore, from a user standpoint, Interlink understands that down time due to poorly managed registry systems will have lasting commercial consequences.

Interlink has selected to work with Neustar Inc., for backend registry services for “.earth” in order to effectively mitigate any issues with stability and security. Neustar has significant experience running existing gTLDs and ccTLDs as well as operating secure and reliable domain name services for several of the world’s largest and most demanding corporations. Additionally, Neustar has successfully launched more New TLDs through each phase of the launch process than any other backend registry provider, and will prove to be an indispensable partner as “.earth” surges forward in accomplishing its goals.

In addition to running a technically sound operation, Interlink believes that registration policies and abuse policies play a major role in creating and maintaining an Internet namespace that truly serves its intended registrants and users. Interlink has fully described its registration policies in response to Question 18B, as well as its policies to protect consumers social costs in answer to Question 18C. Finally, draft language for an Acceptable Use Policy can be found in the response to Question 28.
Jovenet Consulting,
Aug 11, 2016, 7:09 AM